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Bush Tetras feat. Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth)

Bush Tetras
(Wharf Cat – New York USA)
no-wave post-punk

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Le leggende di New York City, i Bush Tetras, producono un post-punk paranoico e incentrato sul groove dal 1979, quando Pat Place lasciò James Chance e The Contortions per fondare il gruppo con la cantante Cynthia Sley, la bassista Laura Kennedy e il batterista Dee Pop. Oggi Steve Shelley dei Sonic Youth è entrato a far parte della band.

Bush Tetras
(Wharf Cat – New York USA)
no-wave post-punk

info: Bush Tetras are an American post-punk No Wave band from New York City, formed in 1979. They are best known for the 1980 song “Too Many Creeps”, which exemplified the band’s sound of “jagged rhythms, slicing guitars, and sniping vocals”. Although they did not achieve mainstream success, the Bush Tetras were influential and popular in the Manhattan club scene and college radio in the early 1980s. New York’s post-punk revival of the 2000s was accompanied by a resurgence of interest in the genre, with the Tetras’ influence heard in many of that scene’s bands.

press: “Like Mission of Burma or Minor Threat, Bush Tetras are a band whose influence vastly exceeds the quantity of their initial output. They shaped the no wave scene of the early 1980s, made Thurston Moore envious, and scored an unlikely underground hit with a twitchy and radical panic attack called “Too Many Creeps.” Yet they never released a proper album until 1997’s Beauty Lies. Such a late-blooming trajectory instills each successive album with unusual weight: They’re not making music out of any sense of obligation, but because they still have something to say.” Zach Schonfeld – Pitchfork



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