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AdD501 JESSICA MOSS of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra

info: Nota per essere violinista, backing vocalist e co-autrice in band di culto quali Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra e Black Ox Orkestar, e per le sue collaborazioni con Carla Bozulich Evangelista e il compianto Vic Chesnutt, Jessica Moss giunge con “Pools of Light” al suo primo disco solista, per la mitica Constellation.
Registrato e mixato da Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem in My Heart)



WIRE – (recensione sul numero di luglio) “There is a fine line between the contemporary and the ancient in the fusion here of capitalist horror with klezmer traditions: both are tragic, mournful, wistful approaches and, on occasion, revolutionary, or at least resistant…This is a deep but balanced record, elegant in its melancholia and experimental…a multi-layered post-devastation elegy for a broken humanity.”

UNCUT – review (June issue) “Moss works a far more thoughtful, nuanced seam…The four parts of “Entire Populations” on Pools Of Light her second solo release…build from klezmer-influenced melodic turns through accreting vocal chants, shuddering tremolo and bedridden drones; “Glaciers” is mournfully slow.”

“Rejoice as another member Thee Silver Mt. Zion releases a solo record in the spirit of terror and joy. This is one intense record.” – Norman 9/10

“A powerful solo effort…visceral and sometimes raw…in her hands, the violin becomes a bountiful source of adventurous possibilities. Though she’s clearly proven herself to be an invaluable team member in other projects, Pools Of Light makes the strongest of all possible cases for Moss’s credibility as a solo artist.” – Textura

“A despairing but cathartic experience…ambitious, expansive and dynamic. After receiving her musical gifts in the context of collaborative projects for so long, listeners should jump on this opportunity to hear her solo work.” – Exclaim 8/10

“A warm solemnity, like participating in a communal prayer… Pools of Light is not the music of hopeful victory, it is the music of a compassionate failure; of the realization that only in each other will we find the care and the fulfillment that our victory over nature never once provided.” – A Closer Listen review

VELVET SHEEP FANZINE – Song For Ewe Feature (8 June) “Uniquely talented”

ECHOES & DUST – review (16 May) “The juxtaposition of many styles, concepts, genres and ideas hasn’t resulted in a muddy and confusing work, but rather one that allows its audience to start thinking about a range of different things. Here, we’ve now been given a chance to see just what Moss has to offer, and my goodness is it stunning.” – Gareth Watkin

DROWNED IN SOUND – review (10 May) 7/10 “Moss has created a deeply atmospheric work that oscillates between drone led doom, and soaring optimism. It’s the kind of piece that could happily soundtrack Darren Aronofsky’s forthcoming adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy if it ever sees the light of day. It mirrors Atwood’s prose in that it presents a vision of a dystopia that refuses to be soulless and defeatest. The music is often troubling – as well it should be, given the context – but ultimately it is a trenchantly human record that is sweepingly cinematic in scope.” Bekkie Bemrose

READERS DIGEST – Listed in 5 records to listen to in May (w/c 8 May) “A skilled violinist, Moss lets the instrument take the floor alongside distorted vocals in a haunting, horror movie-like symphony of loops, distortions and synthesizers. The epic chants segue into each other, creating a mantric, hypnotising experience that’ll both bewitch and terrify you”

VANGUARD ONLINE – review (w/c 1 May) ” Rich in tone and almost immobile, this is music you can stand and look at. The violin creates a drone, and percussive notes are far enough apart to be long-legged stepping stones from place to place in the structure. A cinematic piece, the two parts of Side Two travel high and lonely country, leading thoughts to rarefied spaces. A thoughtful album, made with depth and texture prominent, Pools Of Light will take you to new thought-worlds.- Ross McGibbon

BURNING AMBULANCE – review (28 April) “a lush and enthralling listening experience…Pools of Light seems to linger in the fires left behind after a great explosion…This isn’t background music; please feel free to let it dominate your attention from start to finish.” – Todd Manning

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