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Pernazza nei Wax Anatomical Models

P.E.R.N.A.Z.Z.A. has joined
Ok everybody!
Alberto a.k.a. Pernazza from Ex-Otago/Stalker has joined the band bringing his crazy ass and his keyboard from Genova to Bolocity to scream a lot.
You’ll see us doing our worst live on november 08.
Meanwhile we’ll spend a little time in our farm [we live in the contado] arranging some new songs, wasting our time and bloodily fighting.
We’re also involved in crafting some stuff like shirts, cds, audiocassettes, accessories just for filthy business.
Now that emo is definitely out of fashion we can afford to begin playing it without shame.
Take care
best regards

Pernazzeide #2
Albe si è unito al gruppo.
aka Wax Anatomical Models
Immagino che li sentiremo presto.
Oltre che su myspace…

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Dall’ottobre 2008 al settembre 2017 abbiamo tenuto un blog su tumblr ripostando tutti link, recensioni, video e immagini su un po’ dei gruppi genovesi che combinavano sfracelli fuori dalle mura di casa. Stiamo mettendo a posto l’archivio. Buona ricerca