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Vanessa Van Basten – 2015 recap


Hallo everybody,

These last 6 months of 2015 have been a very nice period for us. We’ve made our ‘rarities’ album, the Cure’s cover concept, without mentioning the split albums with HMBSM and MoRkObOt, both released one year ago. Since 2010 we have tried to keep the flame alive, at least as a studio project. The emerging possibility of a european tour excites us a lot, but we must front too many obstacles, including lack of free time for the band members, no money to invest, poor gigs schedule (i haven’t find ANY available club in southern Germany…), that’s why we’ve decided to delete this final tour and put Vanessa in the freezer… forever. We are sure we made good music in the last 10 years with this name; we have created personal music, never imitating anyone, home made, anti-fucking-trend since the beginnings and i’m so proud about this and about the good reputation we have won. It’s really impossible to thank now all the people that helped us in this adventure: Gert from Belgium for his insane passion and dedication, Timo at Vivid post-rock festival for his recent invitation, all the others asking for us in the past, the labels Eibon, Colcurrent, Radiotarab, Noisecult, KNVBI, Robotic Empire, ConSouling Sounds, Subsound, Taxi Driver, Solar Ipse, Bylec-Tum for releasing our music, all the italian bookers and promoters 2007-2010, all the radios, djs, webzines and magazines giving us space on their media, all the friends in Vienna, Genoa and Trieste, the fans and the artists writing me so many incredible emails from all over the world (or helping/contributing in many ways), all the bands we shared the stage and the beer fridge with, expecially MoRkObOt and NANT. Thank you for loving and/or appreciating the music of Vanessa Van Basten.

And what about now? As you probably know, our bassist Stefano runs a band called Mope, and it’s out of doubt nice stuff. Please notice he also makes ambient music in a project called Dead Esther.

A vynil reissue of ‘La stanza di Swedenborg’ will see the light soon or later via Taxi Driver.

What about me? I will go on my way like in the past. I expect to record an album in the next winter, nobody knows if alone or with other musicians. I’ll be ready for the stage with this new project, that will be heavy, atmospheric and dark as always, with more vocals (and real lyrics) but… very different from Vanessa, even from its recent incarnations. I feel i’ve said enough with instrumental, layered music. Now I’d like to write simple songs. Simple and strong songs… the songs i dream in my dark meditations. I can’t wait for it. On the one hand i’m quite moved and sad to put Vanessa Van Basten to an end, on the other hand i feel good and free like i was in 2005, when i started to write ‘La scatola’ or ‘La Stanza di Swedenborg’, recording the sound of a chinese guitar on a destroyed laptop. I know very well that the best creations comes from total freedom plus a strong, personal motivation. It’s time to do it again.

So, stay tuned on the Vanessa pages until i find the new moniker, and follow the projects of the other members of Vanessa Van Basten. I will continue to post stuff about VVB here. I leave you with this old photo and one of our finest songs.

Long live (the records of) Vanessa.

Morgan Bellini

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